Why Reservation System in India is Meaningless

Bringing the clear picture first :

Reservation is a kind of a very narrow solution to the big problem.

Reservation doesn’t bring equality but it deepens the line of discrimination and injustice between castes.

To be honest reservation might bring some facilities and resources to some selected people only but might not bring respect, love and equality in overall society.

I mean come on, If you face discrimination then tell me where would you go and where would you find peace ?

Would you expect to find solution from police or the Government ?? or would you go to your spiritual Guru and find peace there !!!

Definitely you need a spiritual solution to the problem if you are wise enough.

Reservation is not a solution :

Reservation has only deepened divisions and discriminations towards castes.

It doesn’t look like a serious problem but when it comes to Government jobs or overall survival of life or using resources, Reservation just adds more negativity into it.

Reservation is like giving more to some selected people and bringing more problems to those who have not got it.

To be honest reservation is not a solution for unemployment.

The population has grown so much in past few decades that positive effects of reservation has become very small.

As Baba Saheb Ambedkar said that reservation might be a temporary solution to the problem and permanent solution might be spiritual and not political.

The Real Problem :

To be honest people have started to judge each other and their actions on the basis of their castes in recent times also.

To be honest discrimination has been in human minds and it is on the very individual levels and our politicians have completely messed it up.

They generalized the whole problem and castes got further divided.

It is very easy to become targeted in work places just because you tell your name to the other people. When you complain people tell you that this is the reality of the country and you have to be stronger !!!

The clear reason for the brain drain from India is not reservation but definitely the caste system and reservation is definitely adds more negativity into it.

Repeating the earlier statements again :

To be honest reservation might bring some facilities and resources but might not bring respect, love and equality.

I mean come on, If you face discrimination then tell me where would you go and where would you find peace ?

Would you expect to find solution from police or the Government ?? or would you go to your spiritual Guru and find peace there !!!

Definitely you need a spiritual solution to the problem if you are wise enough.

The basic problem of India :

India and Indians have never been financially strong.

To be honest Indians have never seen financial freedom and most of the Indians never cared whether they were living under a British empire or Indian Kings !!!

There might be some individuals who fought for freedom but for most of the people who knows, it might have never affected them.

As a nation we saw so much of autocracy and domination that it might have really not affected us when freedom actually came to us !!

We kept on living the way we have ever lived.

Poverty that brings issues :

We lived with discrimination, we lived with casteism and we lived without money.

Just like before, Indians never had money in their hands and many things were not in their control after 1947.

Before freedom Indians got controlled by Kings and Britishers and after freedom also Indians got controlled by laws of Kings and Britishers.

Indians have always been poor and poverty has brought discomfort, bad competition and partiality between castes.

Unfortunately Indians have never seen free flowing money until now.

Even the best considered castes of Brahmins are terribly poor.

Brahmins in recent times also are mostly paid with grains or other food only and not paid direct money for doing their jobs.

Brahmins have to go places to places and houses to houses asking for foods and grains in today’s world also we see that !!!

Same way poverty hurts every kind of castes and it is seen that those who have more money are more happy and it is that simple.

The fact is that there are more slaves in this country than any other country and that is the problem everybody should concentrate on !!!

According to Asia society The world’s highest population of slaves — 18 million — live in India, where poverty, social inequality, and enormous textile and garment industries create the perfect conditions for labor exploitation.

So this is the situation. The fact is that who so ever has money, becomes a controller in many situations.

That’s what happens in reservations also where the person who gets reservation gets control of his life but what about those many who are still suffering life. We have no answer.

Adding further to clarify suffering comes to everyone regardless of castes or religion !!!
So that is how reservation could solve problems of a few very selected people.

Adding further when you have given this special facilities with reservation you infect become a competitor for many and you still don’t get what you expect from others, and that’s respect !!!

Laws and casteism :

Even laws would not solve casteism like partiality because we don’t take it on an individual level we have just generalized it.

Further more the corruption in the system makes it even more difficult to act against caste related discrimination and partiality.

It might be so personal that generalized rules and laws cannot reach each and every case of casteism. We cannot solve caste hate like this.

For example :

Inter caste marriages are anyways very difficult to take place in India.

Now if some one is saying that he was denied to get married because of his caste and he says that there is so much of casteism then it might be a problem on a very personal level because everyone has some rights.

You cannot ask for anything when you have reservation.

Another example :

A boss beats his employee.

How would you take this case ? We can anyway take it like a violence at work place case. But when certain people replace it with caste hate it becomes an absolutely different case

So there is more need to educate people rather than give them reservations.
Reservation might have solved some individual people’s problem but you cannot give Government jobs to everybody.

Even private jobs are very limited these days.

So it’s on an emotional level that we need to do something.

Educate people, educate children that how to behave with others and how to respect others rather than competing and conspiring against each others.

Traditions in India :

To be honest if you want to get respect and love then go to Himalayas, that’s the common practice here of the society. 🙂

So as I have mentioned earlier discrimination and partiality has been in the human minds or it has been a “sanskara” for many to discriminate.

Even the Guru Drona was partial to “Eklavya” and favored Arjuna and if you don’t see castes into this and take it on an individual level then you would see that discrimination is everywhere.

Discrimination has always been there.

And fun part is that if you have played a role of “Eklavya” then you might be lucky that you are not part of “Mahabharatha” or “War of Mahabharata”.

Check these Historical Characters and Discrimination in their lives & how you can see it :

Karna :

Karna is said to be of having discriminated that he did not get his rights because he was from a lower caste, that would be a logic from many but the thing is that KARNA in ” MAHABHARATHA ” did not get his rights because his mother KUNTI did not take care of him. That would be a real reason rather than making it a caste problem, isn’t it !!?

Ekalavya :

Ekalavya in ” MAHABHARATHA ” did not get a chance to be the best Archer because of DRONA, many people say DRONA was from upper caste and that is why he would take away EKALAVYA’s thumb to clear ways for ARJUNA.

The real thing is, If you look at any powerful political character, it would always try to take away something from the deserving public and in this case the powerful DRONA killing the competition because it is good for the ruling KINGDOM. Caste have nothing to do with that.

If you don’t believe me, check this example of ” MANTHRA ” below in RAMAYANA.


RAM had to suffer exile of 14 years and many more sufferings due to ” MANTHRA ” who was basically a ” DAASI ” or was from a lower caste, so the thing is that instead of blaming whole castes, one should see the character of the person and how they are in life.

You can see people today say that there has been discrimination since ages but you can see that ” MANTHRA ” did get listened by ” KEI KEI ” and you can see ” KEI KEI ” BELIEVED ” MANTHRA’s advice ” !! So one cannot say that lower castes are not heard or they are discriminated since ages. I mean it hurts if our friends say we have not been heard and this has been like this for ages, isn’t it !!?

Anyways in India is growing and we are progressing on individual levels but these above examples will bring more clarity on individual levels.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I would suggest that we Indians have to admit that at least caste based discrimination has not arrived from Britishers. Sometimes it is our fault also.

If we still have casteism, racial injustice in our system then have not lived with “freedom” that we got after 1947. It is our fault.

Adding further Reservation cannot give all jobs to all suppressed people.

Reservation is a kind of a very narrow solution to the big problem.

You are just giving jobs. It is like giving an economical solution to a social problem.
Ask your self. What you expect from others ?

Do you expect money or do you expect respect from others ?

No one expects money because in today’s world you can believe yourself and try going all the way for earning money.

All today one would expect from the other guy is that you get treated fair or you get treated well !!! isn’t it ??

That’s why I would again suggest that solution for casteist inequality and injustice is not in a corrupt system but rather the solution for the problem is in Spirituality.

There are many spiritual Gurus in India and I would suggest listen to them. Listen to Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji or Sadhguru or listen to some Ram Kathas and be blessed !!!

There is no ending debating on this topic but I think I have given enough reasons to give satisfaction to the overall debate.

The biggest problem might be egos of humans and the slavery system that is going on all the way through out regardless of law and order.

If you have any arguments then comment and try placing your thoughts here in comments.

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