How Religious Freedom could be Dangerous in Democracy :

Religious Freedom is a right given to all citizens through which everyone are free to practice and/or change their religious beliefs as per their will. So in this small article we are going to get some info on dangerous effects of religious freedom and how it is being misused in democracies all around the world.

Further we are going to get some info on how Atheism as well.

1) Why religious freedom could be dangerous and how it can lead to unethical religious conversions and violence :

Most of the democracies have introduced rights towards religious freedom but in last few decades we have seen atheism grown as well.

In European politics we have seen Atheism growing with country’s progress and in India also in a certain manner Atheism getting more popularity as country grows.

Negatives with Religious Freedom :

Almost all religions might be same with moral values but people would just convert blindly under pressure, guilt or greed.

Religious freedom gives an open ground for religious conversions so many unethical religious conversions might take place just for the sake of either money, political power or sex.

People would just tangle their identities with religions and be self centered rather than being progressive.

Religious freedom doesn’t protect individual rights and further you would just bind yourself into another religious belief when you convert which also would have limitations.

2) Atheism and its benefits and losses in a country politics.

We can see clear progress after 18th century in masses after the industrial revolution. People becoming more happier and free without religion in Europe after Industrial revolution.

Benefits with Atheism :

  • Today we can see around 50% people Atheists and happy in Europe.

  • Atheism brought more progress and individual rights to people.

  • Countries with Atheists are more economically sound.

  • More Atheists means more freedom and no inequalities.

  • More privacy.

Losses with Atheism :

  • Atheists might be more aggressive or violent.

  • A country might lead towards unethical activities like drugs and prostitution.

How constitution and Religious Neutrality matters for any country :

When a country loses the overall moral values and more unethical activities takes place people lose their individual rights.

So to bring hormony in the country a neutral constitution matters which can bring equal rights to everyone.

  • We see more than one religions in countries like India and we see how these religions fight for their presence in the GOVERNMENT so that they can eventually get their rights in the country.
  • Problem with countries like India is that there are so many religious groups and they all are crushing or taking away each others’ rights some how.

This religious cold war results in corruption in Government recruitments and obviously cold war takes place in the parliament as well because everyone wants their representatives in the system.

So the only point here is that if people of country are religiously neutral then GOVERNMENT would also become fluent and all people would get their rights.

Example :

If you see the whole Europe and USA, the religious neutrality worked because people were already free of religions.

Another example is Pakistan and Iran and Saudi Arabia where all people are reprenting only one religion. You don’t need religious freedom in these countries.

So the thing is that people with more education and religious neutrality brings more progress and political and constitutional strength to the country.

3) How religious freedom would negatively affect individual safety.

Religious freedom is very obvious part of Individual freedom but if you see some of the country politics in last 50 years then you will realize some of the negative effects of religions over country.

Some negatives with RELIGIONS :

1) The biggest negative with any religion is that it is very big and you don’t see any individual rights when you are talking about any religions.

2) You have to be get killed for RELIGION but religion will not be killed for you.

3) You have to get yourself changed for RELIGION but religion will not add improvements into it for you.

4) RELIGION itself might get hacked by negative people and many crowds may get affected.

5) RELIGION produces crowds and inequality and violence eventually.

6) Religions will make you HATE others.

Apart from this if you see European & Indian politics in last 50 years you will see that people are going more towards INDIVIDUALITY and they are happy that way.

As mentioned earlier RELIGION acts through crowd and you can see many inequalities and disharmony taking place in countries like USA, INDIA, FRANCE and ENGLAND due to more than one RELIGIONS.

The problem of Europe might be that most of them are becoming ATHEISTS but other religions entering their country would make them clowns and loot away everything that they have produced with their hard work. I have to say so because in USA and Europe we have seen progress taking place along with the growth of Atheism.

The thing is that people would ask and fight for Religious freedom but the inner motive would be to illegally exploit and convert the soft targets.

This is how any soft government might be called liberal, giving you religious freedom but you never know what will happen to your country. You might see mass exploitation in name of religious freedom and terrorism might spread as well.

Hope you like it.

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