Privacy Policy

Disclaimer : I have tried to give a clear cut information on this page regarding your privacy on this website and I think it gives a better security related idea overall to you rather than what you get with the lengthy and confusing rules, regulations and laws offered by various Governments overall on this planet earth.

Before totally going into the privacy policy of this website I would like to give to you some rough information regarding your Personal identity related information.

So first of all let’s see what you really own on the internet.

1) Your name – You own your name which you own totally.
2) Your E-mail address – Do you really think that you own your E – mail ?
3) IP address – Your IP address is your own just like your E mail address but it is more like SAAS rather than your own Physically Identifying Information.

I think about my E mail address that I don’t own it and Google or Gmail owns it because I’m not the creator of my E mail address because I just use this service thanks to Google and same way with the internet we all are just using internet and we are not the creator of it.

So basically if you really want to be assured about your security overall on the internet then it is not possible 100% because simply it is someone else’s property. We all are on our own risks when we are using it because we are not the creator of it and if you really want to be 100% secure on the internet then just stop using it.

In this page you will come to know about how this website and me as a website owner make sure that your data is secure.

To be frank I am the most concerned one as a website owner that my visitors and their data remain safe on my site.

I have come across various International rules and regulations regarding privacies like GDPR and California privacy rights etc.

To be frank again seeing these laws and rules regarding data privacy I came to know that there are various third parties and technologies like cookies are involved in making a website more user friendly and these laws don’t give any rights to the website owners.

Data Collection on this website :

Website visitors are not asked to submit their any kind of information on this website.
E mail contact forms, Subscriptions and Comments are working on this site so that we can improve overall audience connectivity but otherwise there is no other intention of using data illegally.

Emails :

If you subscribe to emails then you can anytime unsubscribe from these emails. We don’t give or distribute your emails to any other third party.

We have a proper email marketing partner that takes care of your email data.

Comments :

Comments on this websites are active and we might take decisions to remove or answer any of the comments as per our convenience.

Due to spammers you might need to register your email before commenting which is a prime security measure.

Your emails will not be shared with anyone.

There are third party plugins that might be responsible for allowing or disallowing your comments.

Drawback of rules :
The biggest draw back of all these rules is that it doesn’t make any sense whether you disclose that what third party applications you use. Because it is not in control of any website owner that how the third party applications will work and in specific cases when any application or software is hacked then it is not even in control of the application owners to quickly on the spot making it safer.
The biggest meaningless point as per these rules is that we have to ask for consent for “accept all cookies”.

Just asking for consent doesn’t make everyone safe on the internet.

It is not the consent of the visitor that makes him/her safe on the internet. It depends on you that what you search on the internet and that makes you safe.
Still for the sake of security your browsers and other Ad blockers can prevent unwanted cookies to load on your website.

Use of cookies :

Cookies are used on this website because this is how a technology works. On the Internet on all websites cookies are used and website owners might not be in control of cookies and it is just that when we are using internet, cookies are just part of it. (because it is just like Google and internet that we use it without knowing how it is going to affect us.)
I mean I will use cookies or web beacons because without them it will be so difficult to measure how my website performs. It has nothing to do with website visitors.
Further more, first party cookies are very important for overall user experience on any website and it is essential for better navigation on the same site.
All you have to worry is about third party cookies tracking you and I don’t use any ads on my website either so that is how third party cookies which can track your IP addresses are also minimized as per my knowledge.
Then what you as a website visitor might be thinking on clicking the affiliate links on my website. As I have mentioned earlier I have given up on Ads so there is not going to be any other tracking links other then affiliate links.

References and Affiliate links on this website :

External reference links

On this website you may find links that may take you to other external sources. These kinds of external links take the visitors to the third party authority websites which are generally used for reference purposes.
These external links are surely trustworthy source of knowledge but they have their own privacy policies and we do not have any control over how they use cookies or how they track your activity over their site.

Affiliate links

To further clarify about affiliate links on my website, these links that you might click are only going to create new cookies that will not be able to track your name or emails but rather it will just tell us that there is some anonymous click on that specific link.
Here, anonymous click means that if you click on any link on this website then it will generate a data regarding that click that someone has clicked on the specific link. To be precise it tells me that someone has clicked the link and it will not be able to tell your name and email if you click on that link.
So as I have mentioned earlier these cookies and other things that may track visitors’ clicks as anonymous clicks might not be important for the website visitors but it is just going to be important for us as website owners, marketers and companies because if there is going to be any sale from that affiliate link then my revenue from that sale depends on that one click only.
So cookies are that is how important for us in most cases because without cookies it would be hard to do business and track sales related data.
Of course it is still your wish if you want to delete cookies from your browser then you can do that but you know who do so ? Ya right, generally those people or kids who visit adult websites will delete their browser history and cookies and that is why I would suggest in general that one should use different devices for professional use and different devices for personal use.
Then these laws says that IP addresses will be tracked. I mean come on who will try to hide his or her IP address ?? Guess who ?? I think only hackers do that they try to hide their IP addresses so that they cannot be tracked.

Google Analytics :
At present Google Analytics is not used on this website but maybe in future we might use Google Analytics for better website visitors related analysis. So at present visitors don’t have to worry about getting tracked by Google Analytics on this site.
I use Google Analytics to measure the performance of my website by various parameters like total number of visitors, visitor demographics, devices used to see the website etc and Google Analytics may track IP addresses and personally identifying information like.
For the visitors safety Google analytics and nothing on this website will track your IP addresses.

Changes in privacy Policy :
We may change our privacy policy time to time and one can visit this page on regular basis to see the changes in privacy policy.
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