Best Single handed Backhands in The Tennis History :

Here in this article you are going to get info on some of the very best Tennis players who have demonstrated very best single handed backhands in the Tennis world.

Why Single Handed Tennis Backhands are considered special ?

Since the very beginning of the game of Tennis the single handed backhands are popular.

Single handed backhands are however very rarely seen but who so ever has a single handed backhanded definitely catches attraction for sure.

In present time single handed tennis backhands are popular because of the power, speed and accuracy it generates.

So let’s see who are the best Tennis stars who have had a single handed tennis backhand :

1) Stanislas Wawrinka :

Wawrinka has been a 2014 Australian Open winner defeating Rafael Nadal with his great service and accurate backhand.

In 2015 French Open he defeated Novak Djokovic to win the French open title.
Having a great backhand in 2016 US Open Wawrinka win the title with the help of his greatly accurate single handed backhand.

In present times Wawrinka has got the best and the mightiest backhand for sure.
In recent times we have not seen much from Wawrinka but he has done enough justice with his backhand winning 3 major Grand slams out 4.

2) Roger Federer :

Roger Federer has won all the 4 grand slams on various occasions having a superb clean single handed backhand that makes his game perfect.

Federer backhand is incomparable in many ways.

Roger’s backhand is more perfect rather than just being an asset of his game which might or might not work.

3) Grigor Dimitrov :

Grigor Dimitrov has been very impressive with his overall game and his single handed backhand adds perfection to his overall game.

Dimitrov backhand is not dominating but is rather more sublime.

4) Richard Gasquet :

Richard Gasquet has been in the semi finals of various grand slams and it has always been a treat to watch Richard Gasquet single handed backhand.

Seeing Richard Gasquet overall game he has been a player that everyone would have loved to see winning a grand slam but on very minute levels he might have lost the games.

In recent times Richard Gasquet along with Wawrinka are going out of lime light but their single handed backhands have definitely set up a bench mark for others.

5) Thiem :

Thiem has been one of the players who are right now in their prime and a single handed backhand is also an asset for Thiem.

6) Denis Shapovalov :

Denis Shapovalov is a lefty known for his classic game of Tennis.

Shapovalov also has a backhand which is more controlled and clean as well.

Denis is in his prime in present times in 2021-22 so there is lot to expect from Denis Shapovalov.

7) Nicolay Almagro :

Nicolay Almagro is a Spaniard who can never be forgotten for his perfect and powerful single handed backhands.

Almagro has been in top 10 for quite a few times and seeing his backhands you will definitely put him in some of the very best categories of players overall.

8) Philip Kohlschreiber :

Philip Kohlschreiber has a very impressive and accurate backhand that is admired all through his career.

At this date also we miss a German who would play like Kohlschreiber overall.

Philip Kohlschreiber has been in fourth rounds of almost all grand slam and been in quarter finals quite a few times.

9) Tsitsipas :

Tsitsipas is a Tennis player who is in his prime and best known for his efforts in most of the 5 setter tennis matches.

Tsitsipas overall game is mostly compared with Grigor Dimitrov and Roger Federer so there is a lot to come from Tsitsipas for sure.

10) Justin Henin :

Last but not the least and one of the best ladies single handed backhand is from Justin Henin.

Henin won French, Australian and US Open in her career and produced the very best single handed backhands ever in tennis history overall.

Justin Henin backhand’s are admired and compared with some of the very best players of Tennis ever.

11) Feliciano Lopez :

Feliciano Lopez has been in the 4th rounds and quarter finals on quite a few occasions.

Feliciano Lopez has also won doubles French open as well.

Because of his overall game and a decent backhand he has gained a good amount of popularity in European sports.

12) Bjorn Borg :

Borg backhand has been ideal for many recent champions.

In his time Bjorn Borg inspired many to adopt single handed backhand.

Borg has been one of the very best Tennis personalities we have ever seen.

You can read more about Borg here.

Conclusion :

Overall these are the Tennis players in the recent times who have won our hearts with their single handed backhands.

If I had to choose from these backhands then I would keep Justin Henin, Richard Gasquet, Federer and Wawrinka single handed backhands as top 3 backhands.

So that’s it for Tennis.

Comment and tell which are your favorite single handed backhand players.

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