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Regarding Comments :
At present comments are disabled on all the posts of this website due to three main reasons :
1) I don’t think there is any need for comments at present but definitely in future when the website grows you will see comments section for visitors to participate and express their views.
2) Those who really want to express their views or ask something they can still do that by contacting us (me) through our contact page.
3) I have just started this website and don’t have enough staff or support people to manage comments separately.

Regarding emails :
Email subscription options are also disabled at present due to various reasons.
You can easily find desired deals on Quick Suggestions page and maybe in future we may bring free Email news letters when we grow.
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Regarding Web Hosting reviews and all other reviews that you may see on this website :
As I have mentioned earlier all my views, reviews and recommendations are completely individual and I have made sure that my reviews give to the visitors a proper idea about various web hosting features of different web hosts and their effects on their websites.
If you check various categories or any web hosting review there are going to be links to other articles or short notes here and there in the articles that will give you enough valid reasons regarding certain opinions and elements in the article that I think may need clarification or proper explanations so that readers and visitors can easily understand the reviews and opinions.
(You will see most of the times that reviews contain absolutely flat information regarding products but with news.BloggingJournalists.com you will see more explanations and reasoning attached with the reviews so that you can be absolutely clear about the products.)

How this website is different than other expert websites ?
This website is not only about giving or feeding emotionless news to the audience.
I think the writers are more emotionally attached with news and we are trying to show the clear picture rather than just giving the news.

Why you should believe my opinions and reviews ?
There is at least one year of self learning invested after this website and after proper confirmation of subjects only I have chosen to give various opinions and reviews.
Unlike most of the other reviews on the internet I have given proper reasoning and short explanations regarding all the opinions and reviews that I have given so that readers or visitors can grab the proper idea out of that article or review and can make good decisions regarding their online journey.

Credibility of my views and opinions :
I am a non techy person but a good journalist by nature so there are lesser chances that I will give any views and opinions that doesn’t have a base backing it up. You may check all of my articles I have given enough information regarding which reliable source is backing up my information so that you can be absolutely assured regarding credibility about all my opinions and views on this website.