15 Best Things About India

On this Indian Independence day at 15th August let’s find out 15 best things about India that makes India distinct from the World.

So in this article you are going to know about 15 different things that makes any Indian proud about our own country India.

So let’s begin :

15 Best Things About India :

1) Vegetarian Food or Vegetarianism :

In today’s world when we see even west is going towards vegetarianism, we can see that India has have the large amount of vegetarians since centuries.

We can see that veganism has been in roots of many Indian religions like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism also.

Vegetarianism or Veganism has been the root part of the Indian culture since the beginning of BHARAT or INDIA.

You can know everything about how vegetarianism or veganism can economically and health-wise be beneficial to you in this article here.

Vegetarianism since doesn’t hurt any animals so it is related with non violence as well in a certain way.

2) Different Languages but One Culture :

We can see that many states in India have their own distinct languages and on the basis of language we can differetiate the states, but the most important thing is that eventhough there is diffence in language all Indians share the same culture and same Gods like Raam and Shiva or same religions like Hindu, Jain or Buddhism. ( I heard this in a religious ” Satsang Pravachan ” which is true )

Even the Muslims and Christians of any state would speak the state’s particular language like Kannad or Telugu etc which is great.

The total number of languages exist in India are 23 or Twenty Three officially. Apart from that you can find more about Indian languages here.

3) ISRO :

The Indian Space Research Organization is definitely a gem for many INDIA that every Indian can take pride of.

ISRO gives the world the most efficient and most successful space research program which is cheaper than many other space programs.

Some of the best success from ISRO are CHANDRAYAN, GAGANYAN and many other projects that you can here in this Wikipedia article.

4) Agriculture & Indian Food :

Talking about vegetarian Indian food, you can see that a whole culture is connected with all types of Indian food.

If you look at west, you can see many people are dependent on fish and meat products but India is distinctly depended on agriculture and vegetarian food which is awesome.

So if you are India, you will not have to eat meat or fish and here in India you can experience all kinds of tastes with vegetarian Indian food that is connected with Agriculture and farming.

Apart from taste, Indians are economically also connected with farming and almost 60% of people and their routine life in India are connected and depended with agriculture sector which makes India different from other countries.

5) Education & Knowledge :

India has always been a land of Knowledge and Education and in today’s world also we can see Indians doing great in the Health sector, in Banking sector and in Engineering also Indians have achieved great success.

Talking about history Indians have distinct culture that have their own history and the religions that are separate and different from Christianity and Islam.

India posses some of the best gems in mathematics and literature, for example we have MAHABHARATHA and Ramayana which is connected with humanity and culture, on the other hand ARYABHATTA’S mathematical finding of ” shoonya ” or zero enhances the historical and mathematical importance of INDIA internationally.

Talking about tradition of knowledge and education India had their own Schools like “ NALANDA ” and ” Takshila ” which tells us that India have their own traditions and way of living which has a scientific value and have a tradition as well.


Ayurveda is called the 5th veda of India which should make every Indian proud about.

AYURVEDA is related with health overall and is treasure of herbs that is related with health and routine life of humans.

In today’s world if we want to give credit for revitalizing YOGA & AYURVEDA in India that that person would be BABA RAMDEV.

BABA RAMDEV and Acharya BAL KRUSHNA have become a figure or voice of the Indian culture nationally and internationally that brings pride to all of the Indians.

Talking about YOGA, PRANAYAMA and related exercises, it leads us towards better life and healthy routine life.

Apart from this, PATANJALI, the organization from BABA RAMDEV works in the direction of bringing the clean and healthy life to the humans.

In many diseases you will see that AYURVEDA is proven to be most effective and most efficient in curing the diseases which makes AYURVEDA one of the best system of medicine.

7) Gandhi & Non Violence :

In today’s world many would tell that principles of Mahatma Gandhi would not be applicable in all circumstances but the world has accepted Mahatma Gandhi and their principle of Non Violence which is great matter of pride for many Indians.

Also if you see internationally, there are very few Indians seen involved in crimes and activity of violence which is great.

Most of the Indians find their work and get settled in their life and most of the people in foreign countries find Indians as peace lovers and progressive citizens in foreign countries.

8) Peaceful Kingdoms & Traditions :

Kings from India have been awesome.

If you look at west or Europe or Muslim kings then you would find those kings to be cruel but India have produced some of the best progressive kings.

India have seen kingdoms and dynasties like MAURYA and GUPTA which were progressive.

For example in GUPTA dynasty’s period we can see the scholars like KALAIDASA, Varahamihira and ARYABHATTA are produced.

Some other best Kings from India are RAJA BHOJ, PORUS and KRUSHNADEVRAYA.

India has always been progressive and less violent :

Talking about peaceful culture, we have never seen in Indian dynasties to be cruel for their own people.

We have not seen cruel death penalties given in Indian culture whereas in Europe and Islam we can see many types of cruel death penalties given to the people.

So all in all Indian Kings have been good and progressive comparatively.

9) People of India :

People of India has always been friendly and Indians are loved and respected everywhere with their peaceful nature.

As mentioned earlier Indian Kings have never been cruel to their own people and Mahatma Gandhi has earned a collective impression of a peaceful being for all Indians which is a great matter of pride also for many Indians.

Apart from this we can see that Indians are earning great positions everywhere in the world that builds a great progressive image of overall Indians everywhere.

It is said that People make their own Kingdom good or bad and we can see that despite of many external attacks Indian people have grown and developed their nations in centuries.

So Hip Hip Hurray for people of India which makes it great.

10) Himalayas and Indian Rivers :

Some countries might have wealth in form of Oil but India have wealth in their culture, tradition and lands which makes it distinct and a collectiviely learned country.

Himalayas have been a like an undivided part of Indian culture.

In mythology or historical tales we can see many SAGE have been produced in HIMALAYAS in Indian history.

We can see HIMALAYAS have been part of tales of many SAGE or SAINTS like VED VYASA, VISHVAMITRA and many more.

Not only culture-wise but HIMALAYAS are important in today’s life as well in India because some of the greatest rivers in the world are originating in HIMALAYAS.

Himalayas give precious water to citizens of India in today’s life as well.

Some of the best and gretest rivers from Himalayas are Ganga, Brahmaputra, Biyas or Vyas river, Sutlej river and many other rivers.

Internationally Himalayas have been the place which is sacred, place of peace and Knowledge and the place which gives the greatest life giving or water giving rivers.

11) Indian Culture and Indian Ocean :

Indian culture have spread across oceans and in the islands of Indian Ocean you can definitely see the deep impression of Indian Culture for sure.

You can see the deep impression of Indian culture in Indonesia.

In Indonesia you can see the impression or images of the Indian Deities used in the national currency.

You can see world’s largest ancient temple structure built in Cambodia which is related with Indian religions.

In Thailand we can see Buddhism getting spread which is deeply rooted to INDIA.

So we should not wonder why the 3rd largest Ocean has been named as the Indian Ocean, you can see somehow in this much area on earth, the same culture has been lived which is related to INDIA as well historically.

12) Economy of India :

India believes in ” One World, One Family ” and that provides great strength to the Indian economy.

India was part of the silk route or silk road also which states the historical importance of Indian Economy as well.

Apart from this in today’s world also the Knowledgeable youth of India makes India proud in all sectors like Banking sector, in Health sector and in Technology also.

Agriculture is also a decisive factor that makes the Indian Economy a wealthy and strong phenomenon of overall India as a country.

The friendly people of India makes India an awesome destination for many companies that can grow here and spread their roots in the country.

We have the culture that welcomes almost anyone in our family and we treat almost everyone with friendliness which makes India a great place.

13) Democracy and Individual Rights in India :

India is known as the largest democracy where almost everyone can happily live and do progress in their lives.

Apart from democracy there are also various other rights like religious freedom that let’s other popular religions to grow here which are Islam and Christianity.

Also there are individual rights given to every Indian citizen which empowers the individuals to live freely and happily in the country.

So all in all we have a good constitution which brings most of the rights to most of the people in the country.

14) Religions and Spirituality :

As mentioned earlier India have their roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism which is distinct from the rest of the world.

It is popular amongst foreign countries also that principles of Non Violence and friendly people of India makes it easier for all other religions like Islam and Christianity also to grow in the country which is great.

Root native Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikkhism and foreign religions bring prosperity and peace to the citizens of the country in a hereditary way which is great for the country.

15) Independence :

The best thing about India is Independence itself because after Independence India have seen progress at the Individual levels.

Since there is independence we can see the poors and women are empowered in India.

The Indian lands and farms are free now from tax and we can see farmers becoming more prosperous in the free India which is a great collective achievement.

After getting the independence more and more people are getting the chance to do progress and become more prosperous in their individual life which is awesome.

Independence of India have brought peace and prosperity on the personal level of Individuals which is great.

Today a lone person can raise his or her voice against any GROUPS or crowd also because there is Independence and constitution which empowers each and every Individual against any discrimination.

Apart From This Here Are a Few More Things That Are Best About India :

16) Jungles & Seasons of India :

17) Classical Music of India :

Conclusion :

So this is how the above given elements are the things that makes India one of the best country in the world.

We have our strength in Farming, Banking and in Spirituality etc things and we firmly believe that we will certainly overcome some difficulties like poverty and up coming few years.

India is growing in population as well but the best culture of the country and great leadership of the country knows how to turn the weakness into strength, so no worries.

So overall India has many things that the world can learn from and cherish.

We can say that with this Independence we do not need to be the ” Super Power ” country because we are already ” Self Content ” country which can give the lessons of greatness to many countries.

We have our own distinct place in the world politics and world Economy that many tell India to be the ” Vishwaguru ” or ” Guru of the World ” which is a great thing.

So all in all Independence should be cherished and celebrated at every individual levels in their lives personally because it affects personal freedom as well.

Independence and constitution brings a great comfort level to every Indian which is necessary for any personal growth and well being.

I hope you get the point, so enjoy your freedom and cherish it because it means a lot.

Jay Hind, Take Care and Be Happy.


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