Russian Attack On Ukraine : How Far It Could Go

Kiev Image taken from Wikimedia Commons Author : Moahim

Russia has launched their invasion on Ukraine and for the very first time the newest generations of Europe seeing some of the very big changes taking place in European history.

Starting this article I would begin with freedom of Ukraine 30 years ago and initiation of making a strong base for a republic era for the country.

To be honest the country has seen great 30 years and produced a new generation that is not so dependable on Russia straight forward.

On the other hand Vladimir Putin has been there for 30 years at the political top of the Russian politics and as a neutral we can see the pain Russia might have losing one of their top regions in Ukraine.

Making headlines first :

It can go so far that the new Ukrainian generation might have to put them selves in the middle of an ideological war that began back in 1991 and before.

How far would it go ?

The easiest answer would be that Russia might see this time period as the best possible chance for the all out invasion of Ukraine.

How far would it go ?

Well, it has already started a cold war and that is also not only between 2 countries but there might be cold war going on between many countries.

In fact cold war has already begun.

How far would it go ?

many people are hoping for a peaceful defeat of Ukraine and that is something everyone is praying for.

Or we never know how much violent it can be.

How far would go ?

It might go untill the whole regathering of Ukraine with Russia.

With Czech republic already banning Russians to enter their country we can imagine the spread of misinformation and cold hate all over Europe and the world if Russia don’t stop here.

How far would it go ?

We are already seeing share markets tumbling.

Russia might find new partners for sharing Oil and Gas resources.

European instability might cause financial imbalance in many small countries.

Conclusion :

Concluding this article the biggest changes that we might see might come for the next generation of Europe and Ukraine.

The official map of Ukraine might change.

The next generation of Ukraine would again have to put up fight for earning “a kind of an American freedom “.

All in all Ukraine is a also a very large region in Europe and when it comes to Ukraine it raises tensions due to political and ideological imbalance.

NATO might be only an excuse in this whole conflict and the real fight have always been regarding getting and proving the ideological rightness for both Russia and America.

So for Ukraine I would definitely say that if they have enjoyed their ” American Freedom ” then this is the time for them to put up a fight to save their freedom.

Prayers with everyone.

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