Reasons behind Russia Ukraine War

As we all know Russia had taken over Crimea in 2014 which was a very important part of Ukraine and from then only it was obvious that Russia might go for all out war against Ukraine.

So it was a question of “when” rather than “how”.

Some of the reasons behind Russo Ukrainian war :

1) Separatists :

The biggest reason for Russia to take military actions against Ukraine are the Separatists forces.

There are separatists existing in many parts of Ukraine like ” Luhansk ” and ” Donbas ” and these people are the prime reason why Russia would like to take any actions.

Ukraine has been with Russia for a very long period of time and it is obvious that there might be some pro Russians there in Ukraine who would still like to join with Russia.

So without any doubt Separatists are one of the prime forces to bring Russia into action against Ukraine.

2) NATO politics :

NATO means North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is a group of 30 countries including USA, France and England.

Ukraine was about to join NATO and that made rebellions feel more insecure and that caused further anti Ukrainian activities both in and out of Ukraine.

As mentioned earlier the Separatists became more active after Ukraine started preparing for NATO.

In last 20 years NATO has grown by including very small European countries and that has slowly made a lot of difference in the overall European politics.

NATO by including more and more small European countries make it more secure for overall Europe but on the other hand brings more insecurity to Separatists in the Ukrainian territories.

Joining NATO was obvious for Ukraine :

After Russia taking control of Crimea for Ukraine there was always a need to take action for securing their Sovereignty.

Ukraine had to go for NATO and that’s what they eventually did and finally that brought faster reactions from Russia.

3) Russia’s own security :

Russia used military forces against Georgia also in 2008 and this incident is very similar to what is happening in Ukraine.

No nation would allow unrest entering in their system in various forms and Russia from time to time keeps an eye on their neighbors to neutralize future anarchies.

4) Geo Political issues :

Ukraine has been one of the largest regions that are neighboring Russia and that brings larger military and stronger political challenges for Russia.

If there are no friendly relations between neighboring countries then there are more chances that they are going to become competitors.

Unfortunately the history between Russia and Ukraine is more of kind of relating to “domination” rather than ” friendship ” which makes everything difficult.

Conclusion :

So these were some of the prime reasons for Russo Ukrainian war taking place.

The most important reasons due to which this war took place is mostly due to the separatists and the overall history between the two nations.

To be honest the history of dominating one another brings more insecurity and unrest between nations.

Prayers with everyone.

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