10 Safest Countries in The World

In this article you are going to get info on some of the safest countries in the world.

The attack on Ukraine has raised many questions on the stability and safety of the European countries overall.

In recent times we have seen the fall of many small countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam and the newest name in the list might be Ukraine.

In these kinds of conditions our minds think of is there any place where peace persists ? or is there any country which we can say a stable or safer country !!??
So here in this article you are going to come to know which might be the safest nations to reside.

So let’s begin.

10 safest countries in the world :

1) Russia :

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons. Author : Alvesgaspar

You might find it weird to see Russia included in the most safest countries list.
Anyways Russian military is one of the largest in the world and that is why we have included Russia here in this list.

Apart from military power Russia takes care of their citizens a lot and we have not seen any riots or big anarchy taking place in Russia in recent times.

Definitely there are some restrictions as there is a communist rule but for peace lovers Russia and Russian people would not create any problems.

In fact the biggest peace keepers in the world were inspired by the Russian philosophers like Tolstoy, Grigory Vyrubov, Vasily Tatishchev.

You can see here some of the best thinkers of Russia.

2) Canada :

Image taken from Wikipedia Author : Martin St-Amant (S23678)

Canada has been one of the newest coutries and newest lands in the world.
Since Canada is the newest land or country you will find more technology oriented surroundings there.

We hardly find hate news or racism news from Canada which makes it one of the best country to live.

If you compare USA and Canada then Canada easily wins because of their anti gun laws and superb financial situations.

Apart from better economy Canada also have a large land resources which makes it one of the best coutries to live in the world.

Many people see Canada as the land of opportunities, the land of business and prosperity for sure. So that is why Canada is included in the most safest countries list here.

3) Indonesia :

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons. Author : Cindi CGJ

Talking about Indonesia it is not the world’s largest country or the strongest economy in the world but they still have something to offer and that is peace.

Indonesia has a whole culture and history to offer and that makes them one of the best people in the world.

In the year 2019 only the number of tourists visited Indonesia is more than 16 million.
Unfortunately due to Corona pandemic the Indonesian economy has been affected but

Indonesia still remains one of the best destinations to travel and live.

4) Malaysia :

Malaysia is a country known for their robust economy and their culture.

Just like Singapore Malaysia is also well managed and in very little time we might see Malaysia growing as a 5 trillion economy as well.

Malaysia enjoys the power of economic growth and travel and tourism both.

So all in all Malaysia is a great destination to live and grow as well.

Mostly people from Indian and Chinese diaspora are seen to grow great in this country.

5) Singapore :

As mentioned earlier Singapore and Malaysia are some of the very strong economic powers overall Asia.

Singapore is well known for their cleanliness in all over world.

Apart from it Singapore is one of the strongest economical powers in Asia.

Almost 2.74 million tourists visited Singapore in the year 2020 alone.

Singapore also enjoys great revenue from Tourism industry as well but their prime power is with entrepreneurship and business overall.

So those who are looking for peaceful and clean life they can head towards Singapore.

6) Bhutan :

Bhutan has been included in the world’s most happiest countries many times in last few years.

Bhutan has a geo graphical advantage that it is situated in the most difficult Himalayan mountains. So if you have reached there there are going to be very few people who could chase you out there.

Overall Bhutan has been given military support by India as well and in recent times we have not seen any infiltrations from China as well when it comes to Bhutan as a country.

So overall Bhutan is a great peaceful and happy country that is both safe and happy as well.

7) Finland :

Finland has been known for their awesome educational system as well and also Finland has been one of the happiest countries as well.

Finland enjoys the best educational system in the world and you definitely would like to enroll your kids in their educational institutes for sure.

The best thing is that Finland along with other neighboring countries has never been in the controversies ever.

Finland is one of the Nordic countries and heavy snow and darkest cold might be the factors that could stop the natural human growth there.

The geo graphical location of Finland makes it a very difficult nation to live there but politically, economically and education wise Finland is considered the safest countries.

8) New Zealand :

New Zealand is included in the most cleanest economies and very peaceful nations as well.

However Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand was one of the very brutal events in the New Zealand history and it shook the nation but for outsiders the nation is still welcoming.

We have not seen any hate crimes taking place in New Zealand after the mass shooting so for many rich people it is still a great place to be.

New Zealand already have a great culture to take care of and it is an island so it might be obvious that not many people would go and thrive there !!!

But overall New Zealand definitely safer country than many.

The geo graphical location of the country is also very beneficial for the country and most of the times we see New Zealand not seen in political or geo graphical controversies ever.

So politically and geo graphically New Zealand is a great safest nation for sure.

9) Australia :

Australia is not only economically sound country but culturally also a very rich country where race and religion of almost all kind are seen.

Australia is also largely growing due growth in education, technology and tourism.
So there is enough place for everyone in Australia.

Apart from culture Australia has some geo graphical advantages as well and you will hardly see Australia falling in any geo graphical or political controversies.

Some of the Australian cities are the best in the world.

Australia is one of the prosperous and safest cities in the world.

10) Netherlands :

Netherlands is a great strong economy in Europe.

Netherlands is also very good in attracting tourists and one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Apart from a great economy Netherlands is also famous for their quality football and football clubs as well.

Netherlands however is one of the greatest countries of Europe they are hardly seen in any controversies politically.

So Netherlands all in all politically a very sound and balanced country overall which makes it a safer country than other European countries.

Conclusion :

Apart from these 10 countries there are other countries as well which are safer when it comes to international war.

Some of the honorable mentions are :

Switzerland :

Switzerland has survived some of the biggest wars ever and politically it the most stable nation that we would ever see.

Spain :

Spain has politically been very stable in the overall European politics.

Chile :

Whole south American politics is some how seems very different from the rest of the world and that is why mentioning Chile here.

It’s your turn to say which are some of the coutries which you think are the safest in the world. So comment and give your opinion which country do you think is the most politically stable country and the safest place on earth.

Hope you will find the article interesting.

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